Address Length Description
5CF0 3
High Score
3-byte representation of the score.
5CF3 1
Game Options
Holds the number of players and the chosen control method.
Byte Binary Option
00 00000000 1UP Game + Keyboard
01 00000001 2UP Game + Keyboard
02 00000010 1UP Game + Kempston Joystick
03 00000011 2UP Game + Kempston Joystick
5CF4 3
1UP Score
3-byte representation of the score.
5CF7 3
2UP Score
3-byte representation of the score.
5D00 1
Jetman Frame
Relates to which frame to display.
5D01 1
Jetman X Co-ordinate
The default starting position is 80.
5D02 1
Jetman Y Co-ordinate
The default start position is B7.
5D03 1
Jetman Attribute
The default colour on game start is 47.
5D04 1
Jetman Direction
5D05 1
Jetman Speed: Horizontal
Maximum Value
Walking Flying
20 40
5D06 1
Jetman Speed: Vertical
Maximum Value: 3F.
5D07 1
Jetman Height
Jetman sprite height, always 24.
5D08 32
Laser Beam Parameters
Bytes(n) Variable
0 Unused=00 Used=10
1 Y Position
2 X position pulse #1
3 X position pulse #2
4 X position pulse #3
5 X position pulse #4
6 Beam length
7 Colour attribute
5D28 8
Explosion Sound Parameters
Explosion sound parameters for frequency and duration.
5D30 8
Active Player Rocket Parameters
5D38 1
Fuel 00 when not on screen, $04 when visible
5D39 1
Ship top section X position
5D3A 1
Fuel (height)
5D3B 1
5D3C 1
Fuel status
Note the status doesn't "reset". For example, after you've filled the ship with fuel and the ship is flashing this value remains at $07 even though no more fuel pods will drop. Hence, it only has a value of $00 when the ship is in pieces and no fuel pod is set to drop.
5D3D 1
5D3E 1
5D3F 1
5D40 1
Item visibility
$00 when not on screen, $0e when visible
5D41 1
Ship middle section X position
5D42 6
Falling item (height)
5D50 8
Alien 1
5D58 8
Alien 2
5D60 8
Alien 3
5D68 8
Alien 4
5D70 8
Alien 5
5D78 16
Alien 6
5D88 16
Game status buffer entry at 5D88
5D98 8
Inactive Player Rocket Parameters
5DA0 8
Inactive Player Rocket module (fuel/part)
5DA8 24
Inactive Player Collectible/ Rocket middle
5DC0 8
Actor Buffer
5DC8 1
Jetman Fly Counter?
5DC9 1
Alien Direction
5DCA 1
Jetman Speed Modifier
5DCB 1
Current Alien ID
5DCC 2
Game Timer
16-bit counter starting at 0x0000 and counting +1 (each time a sprite is moved or redrawn), although sometimes it will increment + 02. This continues until the whole game is over - for both 1 and 2 player games. Counter loops around after reaching FFFF.
5DCE 1
Random Number
Value is calculated using the 16-bit game timer LSB value, which is used to fetch a byte from the ROM (between addresses 00 and FF), then by adding the current R.
5DCF 2
Actor Screen Position
5DD1 1
Active Player
Which player is currently active.
5DD2 1
5DD3 1
5DD4 1
Last Frame
Holds a copy of the last FRAMES counter.
5DD5 1
Frame Updated
Has the frame been updated? 00=No 01=Yes.
5DD6 1
Menu Item Attribute
Current menu item colour attribute.
5DD7 25
"Get Ready" Delay Counter
5DF0 1
Active Player Level
5DF1 1
Active Player Lives
5DF8 1
Inactive Player Level
5DF9 7
Inactive Player Lives
6000 16
Platform Graphics
6010 8
Player Initialisation Data
6018 24
Rocket Initialisation Data
6030 8
Fuel Pod Initialisation Data
6038 8
Collectible Initialisation Data