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E295: Human 01: Hiding
Human_Hiding E295 POP HL Restore human table pointer from the stack.
Decrease the countdown and just skip this human while they're still hiding.
E296 LD A,(HL) Decrease the humans action countdown by one.
E297 DEC A
E298 LD (HL),A
E299 JP NZ,Handler_Humans_Skip Jump to Handler_Humans_Skip until the countdown is zero.
Now the countdown has expired.
E29C LD (HL),$10 Update the countdown to 10.
E29E DEC HL Decrease the human table pointer by one (back to the "type").
E29F LD (HL),$02 Write human type 02 to *HL.
E2A1 POP BC Restore the current human ID from the stack.
E2A2 JP Handler_Humans_Loop Jump to Handler_Humans_Loop.
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