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E2A5: Human 02: Reappearing
Human_Reappearing E2A5 POP HL Restore human table pointer from the stack.
Decrease the countdown and just skip this human until they're "ready" to be generated.
E2A6 LD A,(HL) Decrease the humans action countdown by one.
E2A8 LD (HL),A
E2A9 JP NZ,Handler_Humans_Skip Jump to Handler_Humans_Skip until the countdown is zero.
Choose a random human type...
E2AC LD (HL),$0E Update the countdown to 0E.
E2AE DEC HL Decrease the human table pointer by one (back to the "type").
E2AF CALL RandomNumber Get a random number between 1-16.
E2B2 AND %00001111
E2B5 LD (HL),A Write the random number to the human type.
E2B6 POP BC Restore the current human ID from the stack.
E2B7 JP Handler_Humans_Loop Jump to Handler_Humans_Loop.
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