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EA04: Initialise Falling
Initialise_Falling EA04 LD A,$06 Write 06 to *Active_MonsterAboutToFallCountdown.
EA06 LD ($D24A),A
EA09 LD A,$07 Write 07 to *JumpTable_Pointer.
EA0B LD ($D244),A
Check which direction the monster is currently facing.
EA0E LD A,($D247) A=*Flag_Orientation.
Moves the orientation flag into the carry flag.
EA11 RRCA Rotate A right one position, setting the carry flag if bit 0 was set.
EA12 CALL NC,Handler_IncrementMonsterXPosition Call Handler_IncrementMonsterXPosition if the carry flag is not set.
EA15 JP Action_JumpTable Jump to Action_JumpTable.
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