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F4B8: Handler: Eating
Used by the routine at F450.
Monster has eaten something, work out what.
Handler_Eating F4B8 CP $04 Anything with an ID lower than 04 is food, if so jump to Handler_EatFood.
F4BA JR C,Handler_EatFood
Else it's something inedible so fetch the monster state and handle it.
F4BC LD A,($DF45) A=*Temp_MonsterID.
F4BF CALL SetIYMonsterData Call SetIYMonsterData.
Take 06 away from the monsters energy level.
F4C2 LD A,$06 A=06.
F4C4 CALL Handler_DecreaseEnergy Call Handler_DecreaseEnergy.
F4C7 LD (IY+$00),$1D Write 1D to monster state (*IY+00).
F4CB LD (IY+$07),$04 Write 04 to *IY+07.
F4CF JR $F472 Jump to F472.
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