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FB8E: Create Admin Page Template
Used by the routines at SelectionScreen, ChangeControls and UserDefinedKeys.
CreateAdminPageTemplate FB8E LD C,$11 C=11 (width).
Blank half the shadow screen buffer.
FB90 LD HL,$6B00 HL=ShadowScreenBuffer.
FB93 LD D,$83 D=83 (height/ where to stop - relates to the end of ShadowScreenBuffer).
FB95 LD E,$00 E=00 (value to write).
FB97 CALL BlankHalfShadowBuffers Call BlankHalfShadowBuffers.
Blank half the shadow attribute buffer.
FB9A LD HL,$8300 HL=ShadowAttributeBuffer.
FB9D LD D,$86 D=86 (height/ where to stop - relates to the end of ShadowAttributeBuffer).
FB9F LD E,$46 E=46 INK: YELLOW, PAPER: BLACK (BRIGHT) (value to write).
FBA1 CALL BlankHalfShadowBuffers Call BlankHalfShadowBuffers.
Prints "Rampage tm".
FBA4 LD HL,$D0CB HL=Messaging_Rampage.
FBA7 LD BC,$0103 BC=0103 (screen co-ordinates).
FBAA CALL PrintString Call PrintString.
FBAD RET Return.
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