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F9BF: Change Controls
Used by the routine at SelectionScreen.
ChangeControls F9BF CALL GetKeypress Call GetKeypress.
F9C2 JR NZ,ChangeControls Loop back to ChangeControls until a key is pressed.
Reset the control type for all monsters.
F9C4 LD A,$FF Write FF to:
F9C6 LD ($CFE0),A
F9C9 LD ($D00F),A
F9CC LD ($D03E),A
Set up a count for how many players will be using the keyboard (see ChangeControls_Keyboard).
F9CF LD A,$03 Write 03 to *Keyboard_Control_Count.
F9D1 LD ($FB5A),A
Create a "change controls" page for George:
F9D4 CALL CreateAdminPageTemplate Call CreateAdminPageTemplate.
F9D7 LD HL,$D05F HL=Messaging_George.
F9DA LD IX,$CFD2 IX=George_State.
F9DE CALL ChangeControls_Action Call ChangeControls_Action.
Create a "change controls" page for Lizzy.
F9E1 CALL CreateAdminPageTemplate Call CreateAdminPageTemplate.
F9E4 LD IX,$D001 IX=Lizzy_State.
F9E8 LD HL,$D06D HL=Messaging_Lizzy.
F9EB CALL ChangeControls_Action Call ChangeControls_Action.
Create a "change controls" page for Ralph.
F9EE CALL CreateAdminPageTemplate Call CreateAdminPageTemplate.
F9F1 LD IX,$D030 IX=Ralph_State.
F9F5 LD HL,$D07B HL=Messaging_Ralph.
F9F8 CALL ChangeControls_Action Call ChangeControls_Action.
F9FB RET Return.
Print the monster name.
ChangeControls_Action F9FC LD BC,$0804 BC=0804 (screen co-ordinates).
F9FF CALL PrintString Call PrintString.
FA02 LD HL,$D0D5 HL=Messaging_ChangeControls.
FA05 LD BC,$0303 BC=0303 (screen co-ordinates).
FA08 CALL PrintString Call PrintString.
FA0B INC HL Move onto the start of the next message.
FA0C LD BC,$0502 BC=0502 (screen co-ordinates).
FA0F CALL PrintString Call PrintString.
Programmatically display all the Messaging_ChooseControls options.
FA12 LD HL,$D133 HL=Messaging_ChooseControls.
FA15 XOR A A=00 (option counter).
ChangeControls_PrintLoop FA16 PUSH AF Stash the option counter on the stack.
The options are two lines apart and start from row 0B.
FA17 ADD A,A B=0B+A*02.
FA18 ADD A,$0B
FA1B LD C,$01 C=01 (screen co-ordinates).
FA1D CALL PrintString Call PrintString.
FA20 INC HL Move onto the start of the next message.
FA21 POP AF Restore the option counter from the stack.
FA22 INC A Increment the option counter by one.
Note we only show five options "N - NO MONSTER" is never used.
FA23 CP $05 Jump to ChangeControls_PrintLoop until the option counter is equal to 05.
FA25 JR NZ,ChangeControls_PrintLoop
Prints the last line manually " CONTROLLED" (as it's the second line of the option before it).
FA27 LD BC,$1401 BC=1401 (screen co-ordinates).
FA2A CALL PrintString Call PrintString.
Output to the screen buffer.
FA2D CALL ScreenBuffer_Update Call ScreenBuffer_Update.
FA30 CALL AttributeBuffer_Update Call AttributeBuffer_Update.
ChangeControls_Input FA33 CALL ChooseControlType Call ChooseControlType.
FA36 JR NZ,ChangeControls_Input Loop back to ChangeControls_Input until an option has been selected.
Process the selected option.
FA38 LD A,D A=control option.
FA39 CP $FF Jump to ChangeControls_Input if the control option is invalid.
FA3B JR Z,ChangeControls_Input
FA3D CP $11 Jump to ChangeControls_Keyboard if "K" was pressed.
FA3F JR Z,ChangeControls_Keyboard
FA41 CP $24 Jump to ChangeControls_Sinclair1 if "1" was pressed.
FA43 JR Z,ChangeControls_Sinclair1
FA45 CP $1C Jump to ChangeControls_Sinclair2 if "2" was pressed.
FA47 JR Z,ChangeControls_Sinclair2
FA49 CP $14 Jump to ChangeControls_Kempston if "3" was pressed.
FA4B JR Z,ChangeControls_Kempston
FA4D CP $0F Jump to ChangeControls_Computer if "C" was pressed.
FA4F JR Z,ChangeControls_Computer
FA51 JR ChangeControls_Input Jump to ChangeControls_Input.
Set "Keyboard" as the control method.
ChangeControls_Keyboard FA53 CALL UserDefinedKeys Call UserDefinedKeys.
Each set of user defined keys will have a different control method ID starting from 04.
FA56 LD A,($FB5A) A=*Keyboard_Control_Count.
FA59 INC A Increment A by one.
FA5A LD ($FB5A),A Write A to *Keyboard_Control_Count.
FA5D LD (IX+$0E),A Write A to *IX+0E (monster control type).
Calculate where the user defined keys will be stored.
FA60 SUB $04 A-=04.
FA62 ADD A,A A*=02.
FA63 LD D,A D=A.
FA64 ADD A,A A*=04.
FA66 ADD A,D A+=D.
FA67 LD H,$00 Create an offset using HL.
FA6A LD DE,$C850 HL+=UserDefinedKeys_Set1.
FA6E EX DE,HL Exchange the DE and HL registers.
FA6F LD HL,$FB4E HL=UserDefinedKeys_Buffer.
FA72 LD BC,$000A BC=000A.
FA75 LDIR Copy selected keys to monster config.
FA77 RET Return.
Set "Sinclair Interface 2" (port 1) as the control method.
ChangeControls_Sinclair1 FA78 LD D,$02 D=02.
FA7A JR SetControlType Jump to SetControlType.
Set "Sinclair Interface 2" (port 2) as the control method.
ChangeControls_Sinclair2 FA7C LD D,$01 D=01.
FA7E JR SetControlType Jump to SetControlType.
Set "Kempston Joystick" as the control method.
ChangeControls_Kempston FA80 LD D,$03 D=03.
SetControlType FA82 CALL CheckExistingControls Call CheckExistingControls.
FA85 JR Z,ChangeControls_Input Jump to ChangeControls_Input if the control type is already selected by another monster.
FA87 LD (IX+$0E),D Write the control type to *IX+0E (monster control type).
FA8A RET Return.
Set "Computer Controlled" as the control method.
ChangeControls_Computer FA8B LD (IX+$0E),$00 Write 00 to *IX+0E (monster control type).
ChangeControls_Computer_KeyPress FA8F CALL GetKeypress Call GetKeypress.
FA92 JR NZ,ChangeControls_Computer_KeyPress Loop back to ChangeControls_Computer_KeyPress until a key has been pressed.
FA94 RET Return.
Monsters can't use the same controllers, this is verified here.
CheckExistingControls FA95 LD A,($CFE0) Return if *George_Control_Type is equal to the currently selected control method.
FA9A LD A,($D00F) Return if *Lizzy_Control_Type is equal to the currently selected control method.
FA9F LD A,($D03E) Return if *Ralph_Control_Type is equal to the currently selected control method.
Ensure ZERO flag is not set for the return.
FAA4 LD A,$01 A=01.
FAA6 OR A Set the bits from A.
FAA7 RET Return.
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