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E414: Human 06: Waving Side-To-Side/ Distressed Human
Human_WavingSideToSide E414 POP HL Restore human table pointer from the stack.
WavingSideToSide_DecreaseCountdown E415 LD A,(HL) Decrease the humans action countdown by one.
E416 DEC A
E417 LD (HL),A
E418 CP $C8 Jump to WavingSideToSide_AboutToHide if the humans action countdown (A) is higher than C8.
E41A JR NC,WavingSideToSide_AboutToHide
E41C CP $80 Jump to WavingSideToSide_Action if the humans action countdown (A) is equal to 80.
E41E JR Z,WavingSideToSide_Action
E420 JR C,WavingSideToSide_EndCycle Jump to WavingSideToSide_EndCycle if the humans action countdown (A) is lower than 80.
Turn the countdown into a number between 0-7 - so it's four cycles left, four cycles right.
E422 AND %00000111 Keep only bits 0-2.
E424 CP $04 Jump to WavingSideToSide_Left if A is lower than 04.
E426 JR C,WavingSideToSide_Left
E428 JR WavingSideToSide_Right Jump to WavingSideToSide_Right.
Handle the waving, but also give a small chance the human should hide.
WavingSideToSide_Action E42A CALL ShouldHumanHide Call ShouldHumanHide.
E42D JR C,WavingSideToSide_DecreaseCountdown Jump to WavingSideToSide_DecreaseCountdown if the human is set to start hiding.
E42F LD (HL),$C0 Update the countdown to C0.
Print the "normal" waving sprite.
WavingSideToSide_Left E431 LD A,$C4
ID Sprite
C4 human-196-left
E433 JP Draw_Human_Sprite Jump to Draw_Human_Sprite.
Print the "mirrored" waving sprite.
WavingSideToSide_Right E436 LD A,$C4
ID Sprite
C4 human-196-right
E438 JP Draw_Human_Sprite_Mirrored Jump to Draw_Human_Sprite_Mirrored.
When the countdown reaches 0A (from 80), jump to WavingSideToSide_Action to start a new cycle.
WavingSideToSide_EndCycle E43B CP $0A Jump to WavingSideToSide_Action if A is equal to 0A.
E43D JR Z,WavingSideToSide_Action
The countdown between CE-C9 handles the delay before C8 will hide the human.
WavingSideToSide_AboutToHide E43F LD A,$C0
ID Sprite
C0 human-192-left
E441 JP NZ,Draw_Human_Sprite Jump to Draw_Human_Sprite until the countdown equals C8 (from line E418).
E444 JP Handler_Human_Hide Jump to Handler_Human_Hide.
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