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EED6: Animate: Transform Explosion
Set the co-ordinates for where to draw.
Animate_TransformExplosion EED6 LD BC,($D24D) BC=*Active_MonsterXPosition/Active_MonsterYPosition.
EEDA INC B Increment B by one.
EEDB INC C Increment C by one.
EEDC LD A,$77 A=explosion sprite (77).
ID Sprite
77 sprite-119-left
EEDE CALL PrintSprite Call PrintSprite.
EEE1 LD A,$22 Write 22 to *JumpTable_Pointer.
EEE3 LD ($D244),A
EEE6 XOR A Write 00 to *Active_MonsterIdleCountdown.
EEE7 LD ($D249),A
EEEA RET Return.
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