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EEEB: Animate: Turn Into Human
Animate_TurnIntoHuman EEEB LD A,($D24E) Jump to Animate_TurnIntoHuman_0 if *Active_MonsterYPosition is not equal to 14.
EEF0 JR NZ,Animate_TurnIntoHuman_0
EEF2 LD A,$23 Write 23 to *JumpTable_Pointer.
EEF4 LD ($D244),A
EEF7 XOR A Write 00 to *Active_MonsterIdleCountdown.
EEF8 LD ($D249),A
EEFB RET Return.
Animate_TurnIntoHuman_0 EEFC INC A Increment A by one.
EEFD LD ($D24E),A Write A to *Active_MonsterYPosition.
Set the co-ordinates for where to draw.
EF00 LD BC,($D24D) BC=*Active_MonsterXPosition/Active_MonsterYPosition.
EF04 LD A,$35 A=sprite ID 35.
ID Sprite
35 sprite-53-left
EF06 CALL PrintSprite Call PrintSprite.
EF09 RET Return.
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