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FBC8: Press Any Key/ Pause
Used by the routine at SelectionScreen.
This routine will return on a keypress, or if the counter reaches FF.
PressAnyKey_Pause FBC8 LD B,$FF B=FF (counter).
PressAnyKey_Loop FBCA CALL GetKeypress Call GetKeypress.
FBCD JR Z,Pause_Loop Jump to Pause_Loop if no key has been pressed.
A keypress has occurred so return.
FBCF RET Return.
There's not been a keypress, so issue a HALT and loop back round.
Pause_Loop FBD0 HALT Halt operation (suspend CPU until the next interrupt).
FBD1 DJNZ PressAnyKey_Loop Decrease counter by one and loop back to PressAnyKey_Loop until counter is zero.
The pause counter has expired so just return.
FBD3 RET Return.
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