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D030: Data: Ralph
Ralph_State D030 DEFB $00 Relates to: JumpTable_Pointer.
Byte Meaning
05 Waiting
08 Falling
1A Grabbing
1B Eating
21 Transform Explosion
22 Turn Into Human
23 Exit Stage Right
FF Game Over
D031 DEFB $00 Relates to: D245.
Ralph_Climbing D032 DEFB $00 Relates to: Flag_MonsterClimbing.
Byte Meaning
00 Not Climbing
01 Climbing
Ralph_Direction D033 DEFB $00 Relates to: Flag_Orientation.
Byte Meaning
00 Left-to-Right
01 Right-to-Left
Ralph_Jumping D034 DEFB $00 Relates to: Flag_MonsterJumping.
Byte Meaning
00 Not Jumping
01 Jumping
Ralph_IdleCountdown D035 DEFB $0F Relates to: Active_MonsterIdleCountdown.
Ralph_AboutToFallCountdown D036 DEFB $03 Relates to: Active_MonsterAboutToFallCountdown.
Ralph_Countdown D037 DEFB $19 Relates to: Active_MonsterActionCountdown.
D038 DEFB $00 Relates to: D24C.
Ralph_X_Position D039 DEFB $14 Relates to: Active_MonsterXPosition.
Ralph_Y_Position D03A DEFB $12 Relates to: Active_MonsterYPosition.
D03B DEFB $01 Relates to: D24F.
Ralph_Energy D03C DEFB $40 Relates to: Active_MonsterEnergy.
When monster frames are drawn, this is used with an OR to set a bit which changes the sprite to the appropriate character. See MonsterSpriteModifier.
Ralph_Sprite_Offset D03D DEFB $80 For Ralph bit 7 is set: 10000000.
Ralph_Control_Type D03E DEFB $00
Byte Meaning
00 Computer Controlled
01 Sinclair Interface 2 (port 2)
02 Sinclair Interface 2 (port 1)
03 Kempston Joystick
04 Keyboard (set 1)
05 Keyboard (set 2)
06 Keyboard (set 3
FF Not set
D03F DEFW $D041
D041 DEFB $01,$14,$14
D044 DEFB $12,$02,$02
D047 DEFB $81,$85,$00
D04A DEFB $00,$04,$14
D04D DEFB $14,$12,$02
D050 DEFB $02,$89,$87
D053 DEFB $00,$00,$08
D056 DEFB $14,$14,$12
D059 DEFB $02,$02,$87
D05C DEFB $89,$00,$00
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