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EF0A: Animate: Exit Stage Right
Set the co-ordinates for where to draw.
Animate_ExitStageRight EF0A LD BC,($D24D) BC=*Active_MonsterXPosition/Active_MonsterYPosition.
EF0E LD A,($D249) A=*Active_MonsterIdleCountdown.
EF11 AND %00000001 Keep only bit 0.
EF13 XOR %00000001 Flip bit 0.
EF15 LD ($D249),A Write A to *Active_MonsterIdleCountdown.
EF18 JR NZ,Animate_ExitStageRight_0 Jump to Animate_ExitStageRight_0 if A is not zero.
EF1A LD A,$37 A=sprite ID 37.
ID Sprite
37 sprite-55-left
EF1C CALL PrintSprite Call PrintSprite.
EF1F RET Return.
Animate_ExitStageRight_0 EF20 LD A,($D24D) Increment *Active_MonsterXPosition by one.
EF24 LD ($D24D),A
EF27 CP $28 Jump to Animate_ExitStageRight_1 if A is equal to 28.
EF29 JR Z,Animate_ExitStageRight_1
EF2B INC C Increment C by one.
EF2C LD A,$35 A=sprite ID 35.
ID Sprite
35 sprite-53-left
EF2E CALL PrintSprite Call PrintSprite.
EF31 RET Return.
Animate_ExitStageRight_1 EF32 LD A,$FF Write FF to *JumpTable_Pointer.
EF34 LD ($D244),A
EF37 RET Return.
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