Address Length Description
9692 1
Game Options
Byte Value Binary Option
00 00000000 1 Player Game
01 00000001 2 Player Game
02 00000010 Kempston Joystick
04 00000100 Cursor Joystick
06 00000110 Interface II Joystick
9693 2
9695 1
9696 1
Last Frame
9697 1
Frame Updated
Has the frame been updated?
Value Updated?
00 Not updated
FF Updated
9698 3
1UP Score
3-byte representation of the score.
969B 3
2UP Score
3-byte representation of the score.
969E 1
Flag: Active Player
Which player is currently active.
Value Player
00 1UP
969F 1
Saved Frame
96A0 1
Saved X
96A1 1
Saved Y
96A2 1
Saved Location (Room)
96A3 1
Some Height
96A4 1
Some Width
96A5 3
Game status buffer entry at 96A5
96A8 1
Current Menu Item Colour attribute
96B0 1
Orchid Effect Timer
96B1 4
Game status buffer entry at 96B1
96B5 2
Game Delay Timer
At the beginning of each player turn there is a delay to allow the player to be ready for play.
Value Game Mode
80 1UP
The larger delay for a 2UP game is useful for swapping players controls.
96B7 1
Flag: Hall Of Fame
96B8 2
Counter: Hall Of Fame
Counter for game selection screen, which tells the routine when to flip to display the Hall Of Fame.
96BA 1
Game status buffer entry at 96BA
96BB 1
High Score Position
Used when calculating the players position in the high score table.
96BC 1
Active Player:
96BD 1
Active Player: Lives
96BE 1
Game status buffer entry at 96BE
96BF 32
Visited Rooms
96DF 1
Inactive Player:
96E0 1
Inactive Player Lives
96E1 33
Game status buffer entry at 96E1
9702 144
Immortal Data
9792 72
Nastie Data
97DA 12
Orchid Data
97E6 24
Object Data
97FE 48
Amulet Data
B304 42
High Scores
Each high score slot uses 3-bytes for the score with the players initials.
Most other Ultimate games only hold the high score.