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DEE1: Initialise New Game
Used by the routine at GameEntryPoint.
InitialiseNewGame DEE1 XOR A A=00 (face right).
Set up George.
DEE2 LD IY,$CFD2 IY=George_State.
DEE6 CALL SetMonsterStates Call SetMonsterStates.
DEE9 LD (IY+$03),$01 Write 01 (face left) to monster direction (*IY+03).
DEED LD (IY+$09),$15 Write 15 to monster X position (*IY+09).
Set up Lizzy.
DEF1 LD IY,$D001 IY=Lizzy_State.
DEF5 CALL SetMonsterStates Call SetMonsterStates.
DEF8 LD (IY+$09),$FD Write FD to monster X position (*IY+09).
Set up Ralph.
DEFC LD IY,$D030 IY=Ralph_State.
DF00 CALL SetMonsterStates Call SetMonsterStates.
DF03 LD (IY+$09),$08 Write 08 to monster X position (*IY+09).
Set starting level.
DF07 LD A,$01 Write 01 to *CurrentLevel.
DF09 LD ($DF44),A
Set all monster scores to "000000".
DF0C LD HL,$D066 HL=Messaging_GeorgeScore.
DF0F CALL ResetScore Call ResetScore.
DF12 LD HL,$D074 HL=Messaging_LizzyScore.
DF15 CALL ResetScore Call ResetScore.
DF18 LD HL,$D082 HL=Messaging_RalphScore.
DF1B CALL ResetScore Call ResetScore.
DF1E RET Return.
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