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DE19: Game Entry Point
GameEntryPoint DE19 CALL SelectionScreen Call SelectionScreen.
DE1C CALL PlayTelecastIntro Call PlayTelecastIntro.
DE1F XOR A Set the border colour to BLACK.
DE20 OUT ($FE),A
DE22 CALL MonsterDefaults Call MonsterDefaults.
DE25 CALL InitialiseNewGame Call InitialiseNewGame.
GameStartLevel DE28 CALL $DEC6 Call DEC6.
DE2B LD A,($DF44) A=*CurrentLevel.
DE2E CALL FindScene Call FindScene.
Game loop.
GameLoop DE31 CALL Controls_PauseQuit Call Controls_PauseQuit.
Is the game still in-play?
DE34 LD A,($D3FD) Jump to GameEntryPoint if *Game_State is not zero.
DE38 JR NZ,GameEntryPoint
DE3A XOR A Write 00 to FRAMES.
DE3B LD ($5C78),A
Check each monster state. If any are "in-play" then jump to Game_InPlay. If not, we cycle back round to GameEntryPoint.
Is George still in-play?
DE3E LD A,($CFD2) Jump to Game_InPlay if *George_State is not equal to FF (in-play).
DE43 JR NZ,Game_InPlay
Is Lizzy still in-play?
DE45 LD A,($D001) Jump to Game_InPlay if *Lizzy_State is not equal to FF (in-play).
DE4A JR NZ,Game_InPlay
Is Ralph still in-play?
DE4C LD A,($D030) Jump to GameEntryPoint if *Ralph_State is equal to FF (in-play).
DE51 JR Z,GameEntryPoint
The game is in-play so run the handlers until the level is completed.
Game_InPlay DE53 LD A,($D3F3) Jump to RunHandlers until *BuildingsRemainingCount is zero - until all the buildings have collapsed.
DE57 JR NZ,RunHandlers
Keep running the handlers for a short while even though all the buildings have collapsed. It would be a bit jarring if the level stopped instantly after the last building rubble cleared.s
DE59 LD A,($D216) A=*LevelFinishedCountdown.
DE5C DEC A Decrease *LevelFinishedCountdown by one.
DE5D LD ($D216),A
DE60 JR NZ,RunHandlers Jump to RunHandlers until A is zero.
Level complete! Move onto the next level.
DE62 LD A,($DF44) A=*CurrentLevel.
DE65 INC A Increment level number by one.
Check to see if all levels (28 in total) have been played, if so loop back to level 01.
DE66 CP $29 Jump to WriteLevelNumber if A is not equal to 29.
DE68 JR NZ,WriteLevelNumber
Else cycle back to level 1 again.
DE6A LD A,$01 A=level 01.
WriteLevelNumber DE6C LD ($DF44),A Write level number to *CurrentLevel.
DE6F CALL PlayTelecastIntro Call PlayTelecastIntro.
DE72 CALL MonsterDefaults Call MonsterDefaults.
DE75 JR GameStartLevel Jump to GameStartLevel.
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